Onze favo Gossip Girl quotes uit seizoen 6

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We hebben wat - oke heel veel - traantjes weggepinkt toen we de laatste aflevering van onze favoriete serie zagen. Gossip Girl is gestopt. Gelukkig hebben we altijd nog de oude afleveringen. Om de pijn wat te verzachten zetten wij de leukste quotes uit seizoen zes op een rijtje. Want oh, wat hebben wij genoten! 

Blair: Do one thing before you go. Kiss me, Chuck Bass.

Blair: I don't want to be safe. I want to be with you.

Blair: Bart Bass may be able to fool the FBI but he has never had to face off against Blair Waldorf and her bitches.

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Serena: Congratulations, you've officially joined the dark side.

Dan: Think they hate me?
Georgina: They fear you. Welcome to the Upper East Side.

Sage: Nate, I came up here to make out, not to watch you and Chuck play WikiLeaks.

Chuck: The problem with having Bart behind me is he can stab me in the back.

Blair: What is Thanksgiving without a side of drama?

Bart: Where are you going? Blair need you to come over and kill a spider?

Blair: I would never be that cruel to you...on purpose.

Blair: Hold it right there, Humpfreak.

Blair: I have been cordial to you for the last 52 minutes. Do you have any idea the psychological torture that I've endured being nice to you?

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Eleanor: What is this Downton Abbey? Everybody, back to work!

Blair: My Grace Kelly can defeat my Grace Jones.
Eleanor: Uh huh.

Georgina: Revenge is a dish best served serialized, one delicious chapter at a time.

Georgina: He's Protestant. I do my best work with Catholics.
Chuck: Thank God I'm an atheist.

Chuck: [tegen Blair] In the past, I blamed my mistakes on you - Bart was right on that count; it's the boy that blames the girl, not the man. And that's what I want to be with you.

Georgina: Babies are nauseating.

Blair: Serena was wearing a white dress! Either she’s the bride or she’s just really tacky.

Georgina: Public humiliation is really one of my fortes.

Dan (tegen Blair, over Chuck): You think you two have an epic love, but all you have are excuses.

Bart: I can buy anything. It’s one of the chief perks of being really rich.

Sage: You’re so right, Serena. And they say you can’t be pretty and smart.

Blair: She can dive right from the gene pool to the cesspool... My mother is my family. My mother is always watching. Like the Mona Lisa — the Mona Lisa with expectations!

Blair: Do I look like I’ve been eating? Don’t insult me.

Dorota: I know nobody keep you in bed like Mr. Chuck. That’s why I call him.

Blair: You read me like tea leaves, Chuck Bass. Blair: I’m all yours: Mind, body, and scheme.

Nate: Who would have thought — Chuck Bass turns out to be the good guy, and Dan Humphrey is the villain.

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Rufus: Ivy’s not who I thought she was. I know I should have been tipped off by the whole ‘pretending to be your niece’ thing.

Blair: I’m having one of those psychic moments I have, like when I predicted Tom and Katie wouldn’t last.

Lily: I’m so proud of you for thinking outside of the box... and outside of Manhattan.

Lily: I hate lying.

Sage: Nate, this is my dad. You remember his fist, right?

Dan: You're no one until you're talked about.

Chuck: Relax, we're just two crazy kids dying to tie the knot.

Chuck: I don't feel guilty, but that doesn't mean I'm not.

Chuck: Life with you could never be boring. Blair Cornelia Waldorf, will you marry me?
Blair: Yes, yes I will!

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Wat is jouw favoriete Gossip Girl quote?

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