23 x tweets van extreem luie mensen

Opstaan voor de afstandsbediening komt niet in jouw woordenboek voor. Als iemand thuis komt vraag je wel of ze de afstandbediening gooien. Tot die tijd kijk jij de gewoon naar dezelfde tv-zender, ondanks dat je deze aflevering van Catfish inmiddels beter kent dan Max & Neve zelf. Ben jij ook liever lui dan moe? Dan herken jij deze tweets sowieso. 


Brushed my teeth in the dark because I’m too lazy to change a lightbulb and accidentally used makeup remover. Your move, adulthood.

— Alison Leiby (@AlisonLeiby) March 20, 2016


Laziness Level: Through the roof.#NationalLazyDay

— You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) August 10, 2016


So close #lazy

— terri stoss (@mommastoss) October 17, 2018


Me when I exercise:

— Cute Cats & Puppies (@WarmingCuteness) September 18, 2015


I’m too lazy up get up to kill this moth but we locked eyes & I made a slitting motion across my throat so I know I scared him.

— Sexy Rigged Election (@NicCageMatch) April 4, 2014


There should be an emoji that means “I was too lazy to shave so I can’t wear a sundress.”

— Kamon Naddaf (@kdn13) April 16, 2013


When you’re just that #lazy.#chess #keyboard #ideas

— Jenesee Grey (@jenesee) October 17, 2018


Laptop at 3%… Oh god, reeeeeeeach. #lazypeopleproblems

— Elyssa Dawn (@elyssadawn) August 26, 2013


this is how I use my computer

— tor 🦋 (@bortore) June 3, 2015


When ur too lazy to get up from bed and turn off the lights

— Laughing (@OMGtrolls) March 10, 2015


Opstaan, pyjama aantrekken.
Hele dag in pyjama.
21:30 douchen.
Pyjama aantrekken.
De perfecte #zondag

— Chagenijn (@ChageNijn) December 4, 2016


#IdWinTheWorldSeriesOf carrying in the most grocery bags at one time

— Jeff (@jeffhilmer) October 29, 2015


When you’re too lazy to shave both legs

— Raven Marie (@RavenGispert) August 20, 2015


My dad is so lazy😂

— lauren🕸️ (@laaurenhaarwood) November 22, 2014


Uh, before we get all judgy here, let’s just remember that THE SANDWICH was invented by a drunk gambler who was too lazy to use a fork.

— Julieanne Smolinski (@BoobsRadley) January 5, 2011


Lol when im woken up.

— mamita 🦇 (@MandaTheCreator) June 22, 2013


@whatwouldDOOdo dear MLB, when do pitchers report back for ST? I’ve got one who’s gotten a bit lazy in the offseason

— Eireann Dolan (@EireannDolan) January 24, 2014


Flat 4 bin jenga game too strong 😷

— Becky (@becky_donna) November 20, 2015


#growinguplazy “i’m gonna start my homework at 5pm”
“oh damn it 5:01pm, oh well gotta wait for another hour”

— anne ϟ LM/DC Tour ’18 (@mshappychele) July 18, 2016


Laziness Level: Expert.#NationalLazyDay

— You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) August 10, 2016


Somebody wrote “wash me” on my car. I’m so lazy, I just wrote “no” under it.

— Patrick McLellan (@pmclellan) February 28, 2012


Eten bestellen, betalen via eiDeal en dan vurig hopen dat niet jij, maar iemand anders in huis opstaat om de deur open te doen. #lui #zondag

— Donald Duck (@DonaldDuckNL) June 26, 2016


Lazier than the designer of Japan’s flag.

— Qasminho 哈斯木 (@Qasminho) July 27, 2017

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