Victoria Beckham over… zichzelf!

In Allure magazine stond vorige week een groot interview met Victoria Beckham. Daarin vertelt zij, aan de hand van allerlei foto’s van toen en nu, over haar leven. Super interessant!


De cover van het blad

"That is the real me. Me having a laugh. People don’t see that publicly, but that’s what my friends see. Just really not giving a shit, I suppose."

"Good God. This is the worst we ever looked. We looked like five men dressed as women. Can you imagine getting any more makeup on your face? Look at Geri — what does she look like? We all joke about this now, actually. You know, fashion changes. Rather than ever looking back at my clothes and cringing, I look back at the makeup and cringe. It looks like someone beat me up and pushed me onto the stage. I was probably about 19 years old then. None of the clothes were really that fabulous in the Spice Girls, you know."

"This was a really good night. We went with Naomi and Domenico and Stefano. That was a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Actually, just before the event, the dress ripped, and Domenico was sewing it to fix it. I’m a huge fan of theirs. Really nice guys and really good fun. Had a lot of fun with them over the years."

"This was Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, and that was a Cavalli dress — the famous Ming vase dress. That was one of the best dresses Cavalli has done, I think. If I’d had a big grin, it wouldn’t have matched the outfit. It’s about making the dress look good. I have a photographic memory for clothes. I can remember what everybody wears, all the time."

"Oh, I love him. This was the Chanel show in Paris. I wasn’t actually wearing Chanel; I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana. I think long hair is great, but I like to change it up, move on and do different things. I don’t want to always look the same."

VB: "This dress was Alaia." ALLURE: "Your boobs look amazing." VB: "Thank you. My boobs are just very upright. They haven’t sagged. This is a smoky eye and a pouty lip."

VB: "I think at the end of the day, people dress in a way that suits them. I think with all these people, what they’re wearing suits their personalities and who they are. Don’t forget that fashion isn’t everything to the same people. They wear what they want to wear, and that’s it. Some people just don’t care."

"Those dresses were all handmade for us. We went for a theme. We hadn’t been together for years and years. That was the first performance. The way we used to dress, everybody could get away with just wearing her own thing. When you’re older, with a lot of expectations about the comeback, we couldn’t afford to do that. It had to be more thought out. To get us looking that polished isn’t easy."

"This was Roberto Cavalli. The interesting thing about this dress is that it was a collaboration between Cavalli and Mr. Pearl, the guy who makes the corsets for Cavalli. He’s phenomenal. He actually made the corset that was in my wedding dress as well. This was a really cleverly constructed dress. It was mixed up with a little vintage hat, vintage gloves, and some vintage jewelry. It took a long time to get into it — it was incredibly tight."

"For me, fashion is about different looks. That’s the thing that becomes incredibly apparent when you look at all these different pictures. Anything I wear is still relatively simple, but has character. When Marc asked me to do this, I knew it was not going to be a glossy, gorgeous picture. I’m open to that. I was wearing a little hair band that looked like a pincushion, with a little bow on top. I loved doing this, and I got to know Marc as a friend. He’s so inspiring, so interesting."

"I look like a librarian, but I love that look. This was me going shopping with my little boy Cruz. I like to dress in a character. This is a Marc Jacobs sweatshirt, a Chanel scarf, Hermes bag, Christian Louboutin shoes, DVB glasses, and a Roland Mouret skirt. Cruz wanted to be Harry Potter. I do think maybe I’m dressing more conservatively. Look at how English that looks."

"Project Runway shows how hard you have to work in fashion. These designers don’t have money. They don’t have huge budgets. Some of the challenges are there just because they’re fun for TV. Is anybody ever going to be asked to make a dress out of candy? Of course not. But it makes good viewing. I see Heidi quite a lot, and her kids. Really lovely family. This was a good show — we’re all concentrating. My dress is Donna Karan, and I love Donna. I wear orange; I just don’t like maroon."

"We had a lot of fun at the Met event. I do look at myself and think, ‘Oh, give us a little smile.’ But you know what? That’s me. I like to really do a look. I’ve never worn Armani before, but I created this with Armani. We put a new collar on it and changed the shape of it slightly. The earrings were my own — they’re vintage Chopard. It just felt like the right thing to do, to put the hair up, to have a red lip. Some people are going to love this, some will hate it — but it was a real look."

Ook geeft Victoria nog haar mening over een aantal andere dingen. Ik heb het eventjes vertaald!

Hoe komt het dat je nooit lacht op foto’s?
Natuurlijk lach ik op foto’s, maar die plaatsen ze nooit. Bladen vinden het leuker om me neer te zetten als een ‘miserable cow’.
In het begin van de Spice Girl periode heb ik wel een soort van karakter van mezelf gecreërd, dat niet veel lachte en een beetje snobbig over kwam. Ik had het altijd over ‘mijn kleine zwarte Gucci jurkjes’, maar eigenlijk kwamen die jurken gewoon van de markt, ze waren super cheap! Ik droeg er gewoon goede accessoires bij en ging staan als een diva.

Hoe gaat het met je familie?
Op het moment gaat het prima, met ons vijven. Soms zou ik het wel leuk vinden om een dochtertje te hebben, snap je, om later al mijn kleren aan te geven! Het zou zo’n lol zijn; ik heb heel veel girly advies dat ik haar zou willen schenken.

Hoe kijk je naar je eigen uiterlijk?
Ik maak er gewoon het beste van. Ik ben geen heel speciaal-uitziend persoon, ik ben eigenlijk ongelooflijk gewoontjes.

Heb je een stylist?
Nee, ik heb geen stylist, ik doe dat soort dingen zelf. Als ik naar een feestje moet, heb ik een halfuur nodig voor mijn kleding en een halfuur voor haar & make-up. Dat is alles.